Expansion Creates Opportunities for Aspiring Owners

Profuse Marketing is expanding, and will be operating in at least one new market by summer 2020. By identifying areas with the optimal demographics for the firm’s business partners, independent consultants find ideal areas in which to grow their own customer acquisition companies.

The shared Profuse Marketing workspace is ideal for entrepreneurs to find the mentorship and support they need to succeed in their professional journeys. Consultants can gain access to experienced business owners who are eager to share their knowledge, knowing that when they collaborate they achieve more. In this environment there are also workshops and seminars one can choose to take part in, along with weekend conferences and retreats that bring business leaders together from across the globe.

Learning how to set goals that have the highest chance of success is one example of the coaching a person can find as an independent consultant. For example, the SMART system is discussed a great deal by business owners as a way to create objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Another way of looking at goals includes a more mindful approach, using concepts like gratitude and receivability to determine appropriate business targets. No matter the method that appeals to you, you’ll find a mentor to guide you as part of this professional community.

Our expansion presents a unique opportunity for ambitious self-starters to go further on their professional journeys. Learn more about business ownership by following Profuse Marketing on LinkedIn.

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