Kicking the Year Off With a Monumental Networking Event

It’s 2020, and Profuse Marketing has a huge goal of opening two new offices by the end of the year. To help us kick off Q1 right, and give us a good push toward our ambitious aims, we’ll be hosting an annual networking seminar.

This is no ordinary get-together; it’s an event of monumental proportions. We’re certain that the independent consultants that choose to attend this seminar will be set up for a record-breaking year. We feel there is no better way to start 2020, not to mention the 20s, than surrounded by industry leaders sharing their knowledge. The opportunity to apply the strategies and information that will be shared is sure to lead us to a bright future.

At Profuse Marketing, we’re proud to open pathways for ambitious individuals who aspire to entrepreneurship. There’s an outstanding learning environment in this shared workspace that consultants can take advantage of. Through mentorship, hands-on workshops, and seminars, independent contractors can access all the knowhow required for success in our industry.

Networking is one of the executive traits that gets discussed frequently, and with good reason. Business connections are vital for success in the digital age, and we’re proud to bring accomplished leaders in our field together so they can share best practises and inspire up-and-coming entrepreneurs. To find out how you can fulfil your own dreams of business ownership, follow Profuse Marketing on LinkedIn.

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