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We’ve had a great start at Profuse, developing experts in the industry as well as being awarded “New Marketing Company of the Year”.

We have just opened a new route-to-market in the city that we are expanding and we constantly have new clients metaphorically knocking on our door to come and work with us that we have to turn down because we don’t have the size yet. Due to this, we have set a goal “VI2I0N” – to open 20 offices in 20 locations around the UK. Obviously we can’t do this alone, and will never hire a manager to run any of these offices. I believe in organic growth so am searching for the next pool of talented individuals and entrepreneurs that I can mentor through our Business Development Programme and help us achieve this vision.

If you aren’t necessarily looking for a career right now that’s not a problem, (we know it can be scary sometimes to think that far ahead!) but what we are looking for is individuals that can at least get behind what it is we are trying to achieve as a company. If you are looking for something new that can be rewarding, enjoyable and educational then get in touch today and you may be the one to help us hit this goal!

Start Thriving at Profuse Marketing

From day one, professional development begins within our business academy structure. We ensure business skills and professional development are the highest priority at Profuse Marketing. From the start, new people:

  • Join the hands-on work of the organisation
  • Participate in planning customer acquisition campaigns with experienced consultants
  • Accelerate their professional development through unique learning experiences and in- depth business management experience




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