PRESS RELEASE: Profuse Marketing’s Director of Operations Reflects on 2019

SOUTHAMPTON, UK – Jake, Profuse Marketing’s DOO, answered some questions about himself and his business philosophy. He also discussed his career journey so far, plus shared some of his goals for the future.

As the end of Q4 2019 comes into view, Jake is proud of the successful year he and his company have had. His proudest accomplishment? “We’ve had a record-breaking 12 months at Profuse Marketing, generating almost £2 million in revenue,” he stated. “If I were to use three words to describe 2019, it would be motivating, challenging, and rewarding.”

Remarkable years like this always include obstacles, but Jake said he relied on his core values of persistence, resilience, and competitiveness to get himself through. Also, he found himself reciting his favourite quote in order to keep his attitude in the right place: “In 20 years, you’ll only regret the things you didn’t do, not the things you did.”

If he could go back to the beginning of 2019 and give himself some advice, this is what Jake would tell himself: “Keep at it. Patience is key.” Patience, along with the proper perspective, are how he maintained a positive mind-set as he led Profuse Marketing’s network of consultants to one of the firm’s most prosperous years ever. “It’s very easy to think about what you don’t have and not realise how much you do have. Remember how far you’ve come and remind yourself of where you’re aiming to get, too,” Jake explained.

The Director of Profuse Marketing on 2019 Highlights and Goals for 2020

Jake has had many successes this year, though the most inspiring have included helping other entrepreneurs reach their goals. For instance, he watched a business consultant hit two major professional goals in just 10 weeks using the learning tools available from Profuse Marketing. This person had no previous work history, and was only 19 years old! Jake feels that he and his network of contractors have really gelled, developing unique levels of focus and camaraderie that have allowed everyone to grow at an extremely fast rate.

“My personal focus was on self-discipline this year, both mental and physical, and I feel like the owners I work with really embraced that ideal as well. They brought nothing but enthusiasm and excitement to our shared workspace every day,” Jake explained. “With the momentum that’s been created through all our combined efforts, I have no doubt that I’ll hit my goal of expanding Profuse Marketing into two new locations by 2020.”

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