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Profuse in Short

Sales, Customer Service and Brand Awareness


When it comes to the campaigns we work on, we prefer to call ourselves Sales specialists. This is where a Brand Ambassador can sell a product or service directly to the customer


We have always found the best approach is a 1 to 1 conversation when representing a client. This provides a more personal touch and brings the product to life.


Longevity is a big part of why clients love using us to promote their service. We ensure Customer Service and Brand Awareness are at the forefront of every presentation delivered.

The Direct Sales Industry with Profuse Marketing


Happy Customers

Long Term Relationships


We act as the middle man between the client and the customer. The clients we represent choose us and our specialist sales team to increase their customer base.


We have represented Blue Chip Companies, Non-Profit Organisations and Creative Startups throughout various campaigns based on their requirements.


Our Advancement structure gives a Brand Ambassador the chance to learn all aspects of Sales and Customer Acquisitions to more advanced business concepts.


We want for people to join us on our journey towards opening up new offices across the UK. This in turn helps our clients who wants new customers across the country.

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Objectives by 2025







Meet The Team


"I’ve always felt I am more of a ‘hands-on’ person who loves interacting with people, so I left school and immediately started working full time in sales."

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"You will be challenged and feel like giving up, but if your goals are big enough and you work hard you will always find a way to win."

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" I am very fortunate that I’m able to still develop and progress with the support and guidance of the team around me, and I’m super excited for the future!"

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Now and where we will be

Sales and Business Development Programme

We use the Sales and Business Development Programmes to determine what a new candidate wants after joining us. If someone looking to bolster their CV and gain experience then we would suggest using the Sales and Customer Acquisitions Programme as a platform to boost your skills in the industry

The Business Development Programme is catered towards people who are looking for longevity in their career. We used a criteria based advancement structure as to not to cause prejudice against age or experience. We believe in organic growth that can help people develop through the company 

Our position

Our Business Development model is simple: Listen to your objectives, and continue to develop at your own pace.

Tier 4

Development of Business Acumen

Determine where you will open your very startup and develop the acumen to be financially stable.

Tier 3

Managing and Influencing Performance

Build a large team of Brand Ambassadors and showcase how you influence performance.

Tier 2

Mentoring and Coaching Role

Start Mentoring others, run workshops and help increase their sales numbers on a daily basis.

Tier 1

Entry Level Sales (Sales Programme)

Represent products and services directly to customers on Face To Face campaigns.


2021: Make it Your Year of Financial Freedom

Whatever your goals, the most successful people possess grit — massive determination to never give up. If you want to have a certain amount by the time you retire, you might need to tap into a side hustle to contribute to your savings. 

How much do you want to save this year? Whether you want to save £500 per month in retirement, you want to work backward. Write down your final goal, then figure out how you'll get there. Walking backward from a high figure can be a fun activity. Have you tried it?

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